Strategic content

The team from Slidebox take the time to really understand the content and therefore produce the designs that are not only eye-pleasing but also supportive of the strategy behind the message.

Corporate client, SVP Global Communications


As a corporate communications officer you are responsible for consistent and high level presentations, whether it’s for a shareholders meeting, an HR call or the CEO representing the company on an event.

At Slidebox we are specialized in including your corporate strategy, company culture and values in your content to ensure consistent and maximum impact for your message.


As no other we understand that with handling sensitive content comes great responsibility. Therefor the following elements are part of our company DNA:

  • Encrypted file exchange
  • Secure file handling
  • Standardized protocols
  • Standardized official NDA’s

Creating visual impact for you

So how can we help you exactly? We understand that each client is unique, and needs a tailored solution for their needs. To keep it simple, we have summarized in the following five core-services


Align your presentation with your corporate identity to create a professional look.


Add motion graphics & animations, infographics and dynamic video content.


Easy to use standardized PowerPoint and Keynote templates for your whole organisation.


Make presentations from scratch with your corporate’s strategy and identity in mind.


Enhance your skills in becoming a better and more effective presenter.

  Strategic shows

Slidebox created an opening with a blast for our EAACI Congress 2019 – everything from the lighting, to the sound and visuals that accompanied the speakers on stage was invigorating and motivational – it just set off the Congress on the right foot!

Chiara Hartmann

Public Affairs Specialist, EAACI


Whether it’s an internal corporate event, an opening of an international conference or the launch of a product, it’s all based around your purpose and the goals you have in mind.

We love to work together with you to create a compelling visual show that takes your purpose to a higher level while engaging your audience in level they haven’t seen been before.


In these fast moving times it is sometimes difficult for you to understand what the technical possibilities are and how they can be integrated in your event.

With our long experience in the event-industry combined with a fondness for everything geeky, we are your partner for understanding and successfully implementing the latest innovations.


Projection mapping Voting and interaction
Event apps 3D previsualization
Timecode 4K/8K projection
Webstreaming Creative LED solutions


Core features

When we design a show it is always based on the following five building blocks


Allowing attendees to learn through imagined scenarios.


Using music and sound effects to make the event memorable.


Using contemporary visuals to affect emotional responses.


Influencing reactions by using color and atmosphere.


Creating various environments on the event to enhance behaviours.

Work and things we are proud of!

To understand how we can help you with enhancing your purpose and the event build around it is best to see some examples.

Because confidentiality is part of our DNA, we only show work that is public or officially disclosed.

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