Presentation management made easy!

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Give your speakers all they need for a perfect presentation!

⋅Standard support for all file-formats
⋅Mac & Windows
⋅Advanced & easy to use software

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Be in control of your event!

⋅Realtime overview of everything
⋅Convenient timetable on any device
⋅Accessible anywhere in the world

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Personal and professional

⋅Warm welcome by trained hostesses
⋅Dedicated staff with presentation knowledge
⋅Perfect collaboration with other suppliers

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All your data are safe and accessible

⋅All data are stored in a private & green cloud
⋅Fast & reliable architecture
⋅Native CDEP support for easy database exchange

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Presentation management made easy

With Slidebox as presentation management provider at your event your speakers will experience the most advanced and easy-to-use way to facilitate their presentations. Now you can offer them the best support for an optimal presentation performance instead of offering difficult tech-oriented solutions and limitations regarding file-formats and Apple support. And, as an organizer, you will have all the means needed to be in control, anywhere, anytime.

  • Upload

  • Check

  • Present

  • Report

It’s all about the speaker

Taking care of your speaker’s needs begins with a good preparation. Speakers can upload their presentations in their personalized webpage which also gives them all the specific technical information needed. Eventually uploading is also possible at the Speaker Service Center. At this Speaker Service Center the presentation must be checked and can be improved (if needed) with the help of our specialized staff. 

The next stage is the presentation itself. Start of the presentation of the speaker is done with a single click, so that the speaker can focus on his performance.

During the event, information regarding which presentations are uploaded and checked, which presentation is currently running, is directly available and easy-to-read for the organization itself.

Be in control

When you are organizing an event, you want to know exactly what is going on. With some speakers being late or still making last-minute changes to their presentation it is important that this does not interfere with the actual program.

In the online management portal provided by Slidebox the status of every presentation can be seen in one easy-to-use program overview. If needed, any program change can be easily performed, wherever you are.

Everything your speakers need

A lot of events nowadays are still struggling with demands of their speakers. While speakers are used to work with various formats on their Windows or Apple computer, support can only be offered for old-fashioned (Windows-based) PowerPoint files.

With the native support of Slidebox for all popular file-formats and online web-services these limitations are finally gone. And because reliable Apple hardware is used, there is no need anymore for program-disrupting exchange of laptops during the sessions.

Both Windows & Apple compatible

Microsoft PowerPoint

Apple Keynote, Prezi, PDF, HD/4K video

Google Slides, Websites, YouTube & Vimeo

Personal and professional

It is important for your speakers to be confident when they are on-stage. That is why our team of professional and hospitable staff will do everything they can to make sure that the speaker leaves the Speaker Service Center knowing that everything is under control.

Safe & Secure

Slide management on your event is all about handling big amounts of presentation data of your speakers and to make sure it can be displayed in the room as planned. Without these data there is simply no event.

All files are stored in a private and secure cloud and on-site servers which are continuously synced to make sure that in the case of a rare malfunction the show will always go on. And even better, all services are standard CDEP-compliant to ensure an easy-to-use exchange of data with other providers of your event.

Smart options

Next to our standard slide management services we can also offer other related services for your event. You can think of easy-to-use digital poster solutions or advanced Digital Signage in the rooms and on the screens of your AV-supplier.

We have a network of specialized fellow companies to match your request if we cannot offer the service ourselves. Contact us to see which solutions we can offer for your event!

Latest news

PowerPoint up to 8K!

Plenary shows are the central part of a conference or event, and easy control of content while resolutions are getting bigger is becoming a big challenge for  event organizers. That’s why we have invested in multiple systems capable of fluent high res playback of standard Powerpoint files up to 8K (7680 pixels) wide.

This setup was first used for a plenary show of one of our corporate clients in Washington in November 2016, with 32 different fullscreen PowerPoint presentations and animations during 3 show days.

What others say about us

“Slidebox has taken care of all the presentations of our medical speakers in a pleasant way and has made an important contribution to a very professional experience. Thanks to their efforts, we look back on a successful international conference!”

Onno Kaagman
Onno KaagmanCEO Medcon International BV & Managing Director ISA 2015 – RAI Amsterdam

“We worked with Slidebox at our 7th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot, which is for sure not the last time! It was very nice to have all presentation management covered, and Slidebox did it in a very professional and friendly way for our speakers.”

Monique de Brabander
Monique de BrabanderProject Manager, Congress by design

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